Why Jazz Music is So Popular

Jazz music originated in New Orleans over 100 years ago, with roots that can be found in the musical traditions of both Africa and Europe. Since the very beginning, jazz has been a constantly evolving, expanding, and changing genre of music. Primarily invented by African American musicians, jazz was not written down in the same way as previous music, but instead, the styles and tunes were passed on from one to another by ear. Throughout its history, jazz music has straddled the worlds of popular music and art music, and it’s gotten to a point where its styles and sound are so varied that one may sound completely unrelated to another. Jazz was first performed in bars, but can now be heard all over the world in clubs, museums, universities, festivals, and homes everywhere. Read on to find out exactly why jazz music is now so popular.

Jazz music relieves stress

Listening to the smooth sounds of jazz relieves tension and stress so much that it is often heard in spas and massage parlors all over. Relaxing music is just as effective at reducing anxiety as much as a massage. According to the University of Nevada, Reno’s counseling services, music and stress levels coincide. Faster tempos can energize you, while slower ones like jazz, can soothe both the body and mind. People love to listen to jazz for the effects that it has on their mood. Studies show that jazz listeners are 25% less depressed that those that do not listen to jazz music. It’s hard to be in a bad mood or stressed out and put on jazz, and not immediately be in a better mood.

Jazz music relieves stress

Jazz music stimulates the mind

Jazz stimulates the mind and improves focus. Because of jazz’s pulsating, rhythmic pattern, our brains tend to mimic the improvisation, and we will see that through increased neural stimulation. Jazz music has been known to help you concentrate and think better. The lack of words and the rhythm of jazz makes it the perfect music to study to or get work done. There are even some libraries around the world that will have jazz tunes lightly playing over the speakers as students are studying and patrons are reading. That speaks volumes since the library is a very peaceful place. There’s just something about listening to jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone that relieves anxiety and allows you to completely zone in on what you’re doing. You don’t get that same feeling from other genres like rock or country.

Jazz music promotes creativity

The more you listen to jazz, the more creative you will be. Jazz is far from boring music. It can be soothing, intense, beautiful, and it’s defined as art. By listening to certain types of music at high volumes, we are forcing our brains to work harder than normal, which leads to our brains thinking more outside of the box. If you’re a writer and find yourself having writer’s block, throw on some jazz music, and your brain will expand and start thinking in new ways. You are sure to relieve that writer’s block in no time. If you have a test coming up or just want to be more creative and inspired, downloading some of Louis Armstrong’s greatest hits and you’re sure to enjoy your studying a lot more.

Jazz is some of the best music of all time

Jazz is some of the best music of all time

Jazz is simply some of the best music of all time and mainly because jazz musicians absolutely loved music and really cared about the music they created. You don’t get that often with today’s music and other genres. Most musicians in other genres only focus on putting out what’s popular or following with trends. Jazz takes what you know about music, what you are comfortable with and adds dissonance. Jazz gives the listeners opportunities that can’t be had elsewhere, it gives off a sound that doesn’t sound exactly like the next jazz song. Jazz music is truly unique and one of a kind.

Final Thoughts

Today, jazz music is played all over the world and listened to by people of many different races and cultures. Jazz is truth music, as it was born out of and evolved through African American’s slave experiences back in the day. I enjoy listening to jazz because of its calming nature and thought provoking sound. Although it may sound counterproductive, but listening to jazz while writing a really challenging thesis paper with Getthewritetouch.com or while playing an intense game at Pokerstarscasino really helps me to drown out distractions that may cause me to lose focus. These are just a few of the many reasons why I, and so many others, enjoy the sound of jazz. What originated in America has now become worldly music.