Where to Learn about Jazz Music

Where to Learn about Jazz Music

Jazz can be quite intimidating for some. At least for me it can. Jazz is a genre that has so many fields to discover, you don’t even know where to begin. And you have to be sure you start off at the right place or you just might end up not being able to appreciate this magnificent genre. Today, I’ll be able to help you out, and guide you on where to start searching and listening in order to not just learn, but to love Jazz.

Learn the History

What better way is there to come and appreciate something other than learning about its roots? By looking into how it was discovered, who discovered it or who made it known, you will find it more and more intriguing with each song you listen to. Even learning about the history of the artists themselves! Go to a local library, or search up some websites that can fully explain where it has originated from, giving you more of an insight on Jazz. Here is a good place to start.


Search up the top Jazz musicians in history and have a listen to their biggest hits. They became famous for a reason. Take time to actually listen to their songs, and figure out what you like most about them, what kind of style they are known for, and what seems to attract you the most. Here’s a few artists you can start with:

  • Louis Armstrong
  • Bessie Smith
  • Johnny Dodd
  • Duke Ellington
  • Count Basie

Watch it Live

Listening to Jazz live is probably one of the best experiences everybody should live, even if your knowledge on Jazz is not at its best. Not only does hearing the entire instrumental send chills all over your body, but you will enjoy the setting that comes along with it. The vibe that it brings to the audience is a vibe you will not get at just any concert.

Check out the Blues

The blues and jazz go hand-in-hand. And people say that whenever jazz goes abstract, they always go back to the blues. Jazz includes a lot of elements from the blues, and they worked along together. You could say that both genres basically grew up together. W.C Handy and Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter are some artists you can check out.

Modern Jazz Artists

There will always be someone new coming up on the radio. So, try to look up some of the modern-day jazz singers. At the end of the day, if you have followed all of these steps and still cannot seem to grow fond of jazz, check out some of the modern-day jazz artists. Gregory Porter is a very famous jazz musician, as well as Robert Glasper. He is not your typical jazz artist, as he fuses with hip hop and RNB but, you never know what you might find and what you like. Here is a link to some more artists that you might find interesting to check out.

Modern Jazz Artists
Modern Jazz Artists