Top Jazz Radio Stations in the US

Top Jazz Radio Stations in the US

What can be more beautiful and inspiring than driving in the sunset with amazing music in your car? The magic of this moment is hard to describe in words but the best tune for the occasion is definitely jazz. The genre was born in the heat of the 30s during what has been described as the Golden Years. This time was all about exploration and creativity, making jazz such an inspiring music style, which had its birth in the United States. Subsequently the country has given rise to some amazing jazz stations the best of which are listed here for you to sample and capture that amazing sunset feeling.

Tune In

WBGO, Jazz 88 is a public radio station situated in New York and is one of the best of its kind simply because it was created for the love of jazz and not for publicity and money. The station features amazing music every day, presenting old songs alongside the new, and is also a very good spot for the indie and rising artists because their belief is that jazz itself is an amazing music genre and that every artist should be helped. It is perfect for busy morning listening and will help you have a good time on your way to work.

Jazz24 is located in Seattle and is definitely a traditional jazz station where no matter what time you tune in, you will get the songs that represent the best of this genre. Typically, they feature music, but they also have a show in which they briefly present news as well items dedicated to aspects of the genre. It has a traditional feel and it is definitely the radio station you want to choose for a relaxed evening or a nice drive.

KePadre Radio is definitely one of a kind. The station features many jazz songs that are from outside the US with an emphasis on Latino music. The combination is very nice and it will definitely take you back to the old retro days. The best part about this radio station is that thanks to its diversity, you will always be pleasantly surprised with the tunes.

Megaton Cafe Radio is a station dedicated to the period between the 30s and the 50s. Jazz is obviously one of the main music genres here, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by the other retro songs as well. The combination of styles and years will definitely make you feel like you are in the middle of the Golden Era. Add this radio station to a long road trip and you will have a great experience.

Black Soul Rhythms is a unique radio station that combines jazz with R’n’B, hip hop and soul. The combination is fabulous, and it will definitely make every hectic morning more beautiful. The songs here come from different time periods, so listening to it will be similar to many of the other stations with a musical history lesson thrown in! Enjoy.