Great Jazz Musicians

Great Jazz Musicians

You are probably on a journey of learning all there is about the unappreciated genre of jazz. Yet, there is so much to know, it can be confusing figuring out where to even start. Other than simply learning the history and the roots of jazz, you want to know who are the best kinds of jazz musicians. The ones that made a huge mark in the history of jazz. The ones that have even influenced modern day artists. I bring you here today, a list of some of the greatest artists in the jazz industry that can increase not just your knowledge, but also, your appreciation.

Louis Armstrong

Everybody has heard of the famous Armstrong. His voice is probably one of the most distinctive and unique voices in, not just jazz history, but in the entire musical industry. He is mostly known for the song “What a Wonderful World”. He was a man of many talents. He was a trumpeter, bandleader, soloist, singer, and much more. Not only was he known for his amazing skills and his distinctive voice, but also, for how his charisma awed the entire audience every time he was on stage.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald, who was also known as the “First Lady of Song”, made some serious history as the top-female jazz musician in history. She was also the first African-American woman to win a Grammy. And it was not her only one. She won thirteen Grammys, plus sold over 40 million albums. She collaborated with Louis Armstrong and honestly, the combination of these two voices in one song, will blow your mind.

Nina Simone

Simone was simply iconic. She did not just cover jazz but, she did classical, blues, R&B, folk, and pop. Other than singing, playing the piano was her strong point. She even got to study in the school of Juilliard. She is mostly known for “Little Girl Blue” that became a massive hit in all of the states. She recorded over forty albums, and her voice type is definitely distinctive, being the lowest kind of female voice in the vocal range.

Miles Davis

Davis was a talented jazz trumpeter, composer and band leader, not really a singer. Yet, he did become one of the most influential musicians in all of jazz history. He also studied in Juilliard but, he dropped out later on to pursue his career, leading him to extreme success. He got to work with tons of artists, such as bassist Paul Chamber and saxophonist John Coltrane.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, probably being the only artist alive on this list, is a legend. She started at a real early age singing gospel at the church and already at the age of eighteen, signed her contract with Capitol Records. She was not as successful in the beginning until her biggest hit which I think we all have heard of, “Respect”. She has won, in total, 18 Grammys and has sold over 75 million records worldwide. And, in 1987, she got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, being the first woman to have been inducted.

And of course, there’s many more historical jazz musicians that have had a great influence in the world. Here’s a few links with other artists that you should definitely check out.