Great Chilled Jazz Albums

Great Chilled Jazz Albums

A Selection of Great Relaxing Jazz Sounds

Jazz comes in many different forms, though some may immedietly think of the fast paced, hard to follow improvised club jazz that was popular in the last century, its opposite also has great appeal. Chilled jazz delivers the unpredictability of jazz as well as some of its regular instrumental line-up but really slows down the tempo. You won’t find crazy blaring saxophones here, instead deep sensual tones play underneath a calm and welcoming vibe that many may find it easy to unwind to. However, sifting through the millions of jazz artists out there is not a relaxing task, so here are some great chilled jazz albums you can put on in the background for immediate calm.

Peter Sandberg – A Scandinavian Thing

Swedish neo-classical artist Peter Sandberg puts you in that comfy spot straight away with his short and sweet five track album. The brushed drums provide a constant steady rhythm as his mastery of the piano becomes evident from the get-go. Here the fun and light tinkering ivories will settle you down and the delightful chords will keep you in the clouds time and time again. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or taking a load off at night mid-week.

Franz Gordon – Someone Who Cares

With an air of the mid 1900’s these luxurious tracks will whisk you away to a not so modern metropolis with the sounds of an idyllic café. The woodwinds here accompany softened piano tones and often add that deliciously rich timbre that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. This album is romantic without saying a word and embodies the sounds of both a classic love story and the joy of indulging in a good coffee.

Bladverk Band – To Stella

Building up from many quiet moments the pace here quickens a little as keys hit highs and lows in overlapping structures that still feel very jazz-like. As the album goes on the woodwinds re-enter to compliment the piano work and hold some delightful notes in ways that only they can. These tracks hold a very quintessential chilled jazz sound very tightly.

Ennio Mano – Light Dance

For something a little different this relaxed jazz album is led by an electric guitar. Here the plucked strings fit beautifully well amongst the rest of the standard jazz outfit, adding a little extra flavour and dynamism to the mix. With less of an urban sound here the sounds in this collection reflect a more tropical sound. Adding a more ‘by the beach’ feel, this one still manages to keep you cool even if it does have more of (as its name declares) a light dance element than the others.

CMC 3 – Setembro

With some wonderful melodies interlaces between skilled piano play here your mind can wander away with ease. The opening track here has a fun rhythm as the chirpy piano brings to mind a permanently smiling pianist while the double bass in the back moves around often, leading up to a playful and carefree breakdown. The title track delivers a contemplative and calming conclusion to a great album where the piano never rests.