Famous Jazz Clubs around the World

Famous Jazz Clubs around the World

A jazz club is made up of more than just jazz music; but the music, the atmosphere, and the cultural connotation jazz music brings along with it. This music genre was form created by African-American societies back in the 19th century before spreading to other urban cities around the globe form Chicago all the way to Paris. Clearly jazz clubs had to sprout one way or another; as it’s soothing sounds lift the moods of even the most sombre person keen on listening. We found it essential that we list some of the most famous jazz clubs around the world just in case you ever go on a round-the-world-trip.

1. Village Vanguard, New York City

The Big Apple is widely regarded as the jazz Mecca of the world, with Village Vanguard as its black stone and the leading jazz club. A number of jazz greats have performed at this top club; from John Coltrane to Sonny Rollins to Bill Evans to Brad Mehldau. For six consecutive nights, bands play at the Village Vanguard which remains in its origin address; 178 Seventh Avenue South in Greenwich Village 80 years after inception. Finding yourself in this minuscule basement is stepping right into the history of jazz, with the club still in operation to-date and run by the widow of the original club proprietor, Lorraine Gordon.

2. Preservation Hall, New Orleans

New Orleans boasts of its unique brand of jazz and the opening of the Preservation Hall in 1961 gave the locals the chance to experience first-hand jazz music. No other venue including the Blue Nile and Spotted Cat takes back the audience through time to the roots of jazz quite as the Preservation Hall. Presently operating as a musical venue, non-profit institute, and for touring bands, it ensures passing down of jazz music traditions from one generation to the next as required. Some of the jazz greats synonymous with this club include Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, and Sidney Bechet.

3. Bimhuis, Amsterdam

Possibly Europe’s leading jazz club, Bimhuis offers a live band experience second to none. Also, the Bimhuisit’s picturesque all-glass exterior adds to its character. Despite hosting over 300 concerts of diverse musical genres – serving both amateur and established musicians – jazz stands out as the genre most synonymous with the Bimhuis. Its amphitheater-style seating arrangement, allows the audience to have the best view of the stage. During concerts curtains raise behind the bands disclosing the impressive Renzo Piano-designed Nemo Museum. This astonishing view complements the exciting sounds of international jazz music performances at the venue.

4. Tramjazz, Rome

Most music lovers wouldn’t associate jazz music with Italy; however, Rome’s Tramjazz strives to dispel this perception by giving its audiences exceptional jazz music experience.A vintage car turned mobile jazz club and restaurant, “Tramjazz” twice a week commences its journey through the streets of Rome, with the meeting point at Piazza di Porta Maggiore.